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Exclusive Interview with Game Director Ryan Barnard

You’ve all been waiting for it. The exclusive fan Q&A with the game’s director Ryan Barnard. It’s been several weeks in the making, and finally got to sit down with Ryan and really ask some awesome questions you the fan’s got to ask.

The video was scheduled to be 15 mins, but is an astonishing 37 mins long, almost triple that time. I was able to really dive deep into his thoughts, and was able to get some pretty cool answers, and of course Ryan was pretty good at giving us hints to kinda decipher for ourselves.

Enjoy the video, in the coming weeks, I will be making some videos that kinda go deeper into this interview to give you more things to go off as in to what Ryan was stating as an answer.

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  1. Awesome!!

    Well done, dude!

    Waiting was worth it!

  2. Wish he would’ve asked if they would have a subscription fee or not

  3. When is the game going to be released? Or could we get an estimated guess? I can’t wait! 😀

  4. So, if there’s no splitscreen, how come on the box art it says 1-2 players?

  5. Would love to know if a player will be able to have or create multiple characters, similar to what WOW or other ‘like’ MMOs do, where you can create multiple characters and select which character you want to play as each time you get on.

  6. When is the release date for this game?

  7. Has he released any information on sniper style classes, as in is this gaming going to be mostly close combat, or could you say set up an ambush on a set of players where there is a sniper off on top of a building in the distance to trigger an ambush when he gets a clear shot off on one player. Also what happens if a player dies in PvP, is there death penalties, like losing items and what not.

  8. When it coming out

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